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SOCO, Тайвань.


SOCO Machinery Co., Ltd  ( Headquarter  & Taiwan Fac. 1 ) 
No.3, Jingke E. Rd., Nantun Dist., Taichung City 40852, Taiwan 
T:886-4-23591888        F:886-4-23592386
W: www.soco.com.tw      E: o-techno@mail.ru


SOCO Machinery Co., Ltd  ( Taiwan Fac. 2 )
No.131, Gongyequ 1st Rd., Xitun Dist., Taichung City 40755, Taiwan
T: 886-4-23591498   F: 886-4-23501007

Haven Manufacturing Corporation USA. 


SOCO mean SawingCutting. From establishment, SOCO focus on metal Tube and Bar Cutting industry, We focus on CNC machine for tube and pipe processing, such as Tube Cutting Machine ( Sawing ) , Tube Bender, Chamfering Machine and End Forming Machine.

Haven Manufacturing Corporation USA. 

In an effort to provide more comprehensive solutions to our clients’ cutting requirements and to continue developing new and improved tube cutting processes we created a partnership with SOCO Machinery of Taiwan in 2009. - See more at: http://www.havencut.com/about-us.php#sthash.Blr3vO5d.dpuf

Laser Tube Cutting Machine for Tubes and Profiles

Haven Laser Tube Cutting Systems are the ultimate solution for joining multiple machining processes into one system. These expertly designed and engineered systems are designed to provide maximum flexibility, automation, and performance. These systems feature automatic tube bundle loading as well as material alignment, feeding, and rotation. 


- лазерные установки для раскроя труб и профилей:

--- SLT-150C (CO2 resonate)
For Tube O.D. size range: 20mm - 152mm click here for more info

--- SLT-150F (Fiber Optic)
For Tube O.D. size range: 20mm - 152mm click here for more info

Consider the Laser Tube Cutting Process for the Following Conditions: 

  • Cutting Lengths up to 2000mm or 3000mm (longer lengths by request)
  • Wall thickness up to 6.4mm (Mild Steel)
  • Equipped with 2.0 kW (Standard) or 2.5 kW (Optional) Laser Resonator
  • Cutting for round, square, rectangle and various profile shapes
  • Automatic Bundle Loading System with Material Alignment
  • Laser Resonator Cooling and Fume extraction system

Дополнительная информация и коммерческие предложения предоставляются по запросу:

info@обработкалиста.рф или o-techno@mail.ru