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Лазерные установки для обработки труб и профилей Kaast, США.

Kaast Machine Tools

headquarter in Germany

KAAST Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH

Havelstraße 18
D-24539 Neumünster / Germany

Tel +49 (0) 4321-25 20 03 -0
Fax+49 (0) 4321-25 20 03 -90

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Лазерные установки Balliu MTC, Бельгия под торговой маркой Kaast.


Tubemaster 110 DC015: трубы ф20-110мм, профиль 20х20-80х80мм, s=1-5мм, длина 3500мм, 7500мм (13000мм - опция), ROFIN SINAR 1500Вт, 

Ограничение по весу - 30кг на погонный метр.

Standard Configuration

  • CNC Siemens 840 D 
  • Resonator ROFIN SINAR DC 015(1500 W).
  • Precitec 1.5” with 7.5” lens. 
  • Alignment diode laser– determination of dimensions and position of parts.
  • System for unloading workpieces with length up to 3000 mm (117”).
  • Safety class 1.
  • Laser system water cooling.

Available Options

  • Resonator ROFIN SINAR DC 020 (200–2000 W).
  • Resonator ROFIN SINAR DC 025 (250–2500 W).
  • Resonator ROFIN SINAR DC 030 (300–3000 W).

Precision Laser Tube Cutting/Welding

CO2 and Fiber 

  • Сварная станина
  • 3-4-axis laser cutting of tubes.
  • Loading workpieces from stacks, positioning and cutting of round tubes with diameter up to 110 mm (4.3”) and square tubes up to 80×80 mm (3.1×3.1”). Standard lengths up to 7 000 mm (273”) (optionally up to 13 000 mm (507”)).
  • square, round, oval, rectangle etc.
  • ф20-110мм s=1–5мм
  • Tube stack diameter up to 600 mm
  • Cutting of square tubes from 20×20 mm  to 80×80мм and wall thickness 1–5 mm 
  • 5 lifting units with belts.
  • Pneumatic tube lifting system.
  • Tube-storage magazine.
  • Siemens AC digital servo drives 

Tubemaster Features:

  • Extremely high laser beam quality.
  • No gas heat exchanger, no turbine required; pump starts only once every 72 hours.
  • Low optical losses.
  • Low service requirements: no moving parts, uncoated copper resonator optics, diamond window as the only transmissive optic.
  • No external laser gas installation.
  • Very low laser gas consumption ( 0.1 nl/h, gas bottle change: once a year )–
  • Due to very high beam quality, this laser offers higher (by10-15%) cutting speeds vs. conventional fast flow lasers (Fanuc, TRUMPF TLF ).
  • The maintenance costs are much lower than those of conventional CO2 lasers.
  • The entire optical path is pressurized to prevent entry of gases that would contaminate mechanical and optical components. The optical components placed along the path of the beam are cooled to protect them against any excessive heating.
  • 1-mirror beam deflection and direction system. The laser beam interacts only with 2 optical components (1mirror and 1 lens).
  • The machine is supplied complete with the cutting head assembly and removable 5” and 7.5” lens cartridges requiring no further adjustment.
  • Fumes arising during material processing are removed via special exhaust channels; the vacuum-type filter installation is included.
  • The machine is equipped with a steady rest suitable for supporting long-length pipes with diameter up to 110mm (4.3”).
  • Possible welding operations by use of a special type laser head.
  • Standard machine configuration includes automatic loading system. As an option, the machine can be equipped with unloading and part sorting system.

Дополнительная информация и коммерческие предложения предоставляются по запросу:

info@обработкалиста.рф или o-techno@mail.ru