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  • 1500 x 3000мм
  • Incorporates automatic shuttle tables
  • Quick change lens (5" and 7.5")
  • Capacitive height sensing maintains a constant distance between the head and the material being processed and adjusts to any undulations in the plate
  • Constant beam length system ensures consistent cutting over the entire cutting area
  • NC Optimization maximizes machine productivity without operator intervention by automatically determining the cutting head motion based on travel distance
  • Fast cut-to-cut workpiece changeover
  • High reliability with low maintenance and operation costs
  • Integrated LVD - Fanuc machine, control, laser source and motor drive package
  • Feature enhanced Sirius Plus model offers affordable automation possibilities

Key Options:

  • Loading arm
  • Choice of 2.5 or 4 kW laser sources
  • CADMAN-L 3D offline software
  • Sirius Plus includes additional functionality to allow the addition of automation
  • Compact Tower (CT) 4, 6 or 10 pallet automated material handling system (on Sirius 3015 Plus)

Models available:

Sirius 3015
Sirius 3015 Plus


Дополнительная информация и коммерческие предложения предоставляются по запросу:

info@обработкалиста.рф или o-techno@mail.ru