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Автоматический склад Tower Ermaksan.


Ermaksan Fibermak Momentum Gen-2 provides precision cutting and mass production by Tower.

The TOWERMAK is a system used for the unmanned loading/unloading management of metal sheets for 2D laser machine 1500x3000 mm metal sheets; guarantees high level reliability, highly flexibility and easy to be used.



The Advantages of TOWER Full Automatic Sheet Metal Loading and Unloading System;

  • 7/24 working option,
  • No unexpected stop,
  • The competitive advantage for unit costs,
  • Precision sheet metal protection against damages and scratches,
  • The ideal solution for enterprises against stock area loss with multi-pallet stacking system in the tower.

Дополнительная информация и коммерческие предложения предоставляются по запросу:

info@обработкалиста.рф или o-techno@mail.ru